Sunday, 8 March 2015

Man Abandons Wheel Of Speeding Minibus To Dance

Engaging in another activity while you are driving is incredibly dangerous. So you will probably find it hard to believe that one man thought it was okay to abandon the driving wheel of the mini bus that he was driving entirely to engage in a dance all while the vehicle sped on.

The dance is called the “horon,” a traditional dance in Turkey’s Black Sea region, had gone viral. The driver can be seen briefly leaving the driver seat of a moving vehicle to perform the dance. Turkish authorities who watched the video identified the man as Metin Kandemir, a driver in Istanbul’s Sultanbeyli neighborhood, where the viral video was shot in his minibus by one of the passengers.

Astonishingly, the man has been let go with a just a fine of 160 Turkish Liras and suspension of his driving license. Speaking to the media, the man apologized for his act.

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