Thursday, 29 August 2013

Why Were You Driving So Fast?

Further to my post on today which was about  - How to answer the question "Why were you driving so fast?"  The source can be found here on undiscover.

The reply that they had as number one was "My partners having a baby" I am sure that the police must hear this one a lot from males that do try to talk their way out of a ticket, it makes me wonder if they have ever called anyones bluff on it by escorting them to the hospital.

All being fair and equal they have also added "My Domestic Partner is having a baby"  as an option for lesbians (or those that can pass as lesbians!)

This one also caught my eye  "I Didn’t Know How Fast I Was Driving Because My Speedometer Is Broken" and it says if you don't know how to disconnect it then get a mechanic friend to do it for you (obviously this article is jokey and this should not be done). Having read this I am in fact wondering if there is a law that says that your speedo has to be working.  Only im sure there is a law to say that your windscreen washer has to have screen wash in it, and this point about having a working speedo would seem to be more important!

Anyway after a quick google the Tames valley Police website provided me with the answer that you might be subject to a fine unless the fault had just occurred (not sure how you would prove this) possibly they make a note if they catch you once and then if you getcaught again for speeding with that excuse then you would get a fine?

Would love t hear your thoughts on the matter or any excuses you have used weather they were true or not is a different story...