Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Kent Police educating motorists about the dangers of speeding

Kent Police has taken to the roads of Ashford to educate motorists on the dangers of speeding.

Local PCSOs carried out the speed awareness event at six locations in the area along roads highlighted by residents as being potential speeding ‘hot-spots’.

A total of 575 vehicles were checked during the two-day exercise on Tuesday 10 March and Saturday 14 March.

Of those, 22 drivers were found to be exceeding the speed limit and were spoken to about the dangers of speeding.

Roads checked were:
  • Faversham Road, Kennington: 125 vehicles checked, nine exceeded the speed limit
  • Canterbury Road, Kennington: 111 vehicles checked, seven exceeded the speed limit
  • Charing Hill: 80 vehicles checked, one exceeded the speed limit
  • Smarden: 25 vehicles checked, none exceeded the limit
  • Appledore: 60 vehicles checked, none exceeded the limit
  • Canterbury Road, Kennington: 130 vehicles checked, three exceeded the limit
  • Top of Charing Hill: 44 vehicles checked, two exceeded the limit
"The speed checks were carried out along roads which residents have highlighted as having issues with speeding drivers.

It is reassuring that such a low number of drivers had to be spoken to but we will continue to monitor any areas of concern.

Educating drivers continues to be fundamental in our efforts to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries on Kent’s roads.

Appropriate advice has been given to those drivers and although the purpose of these patrols was to educate drivers, next time people could face penalties.

Speeding can put pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists in danger so we are asking all road users to play their part in helping keeping our roads safe."

  – Inspector Andrew Judd of the Ashford Community Safety Unit


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