Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Ferrari 458 Seized after driver found to have no driving licence

This £200,000, 200mph was seized after police found out that the driver didn't have a valid driving licence. The grey Ferrari 458 was stopped on the M40 near Bicester, Oxfordshire, after a member of the public reported a sports car driving over the speed limit.

The driver - who was using a German number plate was reported to Thames Valley police and taken to the 'nearest point of safety'.

First officially unveiled in 2009, the Ferrari 458 packs a direct fuel-injection V8 engine capable of producing 458 horsepower, taking it from 0-62mph in less than three seconds. The car, which has a top speed of 202mph, was decorated with a novelty bumper sticker pronouncing it an 'official speed camera testing vehicle'. It was last spotted being loaded onto a flatbed truck for the long, slow journey to the car pound.

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: 'The Ferrari was pulled over at about 9.15am this morning by junction 9 on the M40 on the northbound carriageway. 'The driver had no licence so the car was seized and he was reported for driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence. 'We used a recovery vehicle and he was dropped off at the nearest point of safety. I believe it was a Ferrari 458 with a German number plate.'It was pulled over after a report that a sports car was driving quite quickly. We do not know if this was the same vehicle that was reported for speeding.' Officers will now carry out a background check on the driver before deciding on their next course of

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