Saturday, 25 October 2014

Taxi Driver Tries to Pin Speeding Offence on Former Employee

Jamie Lyons, a taxi boss attempted to pin a speeding offense on a former employee who owed him money, Dorchester Crown Court heard before finding him guilty of perverting the course of justice

Lyons claimed that it was a former employee was the driver of a Vauxhall Zafira (the car was registered to Lyons) that was caught speeding on Blandford Road in Hamworthy, through a doing 45mhp in a 30mph zone.

Lyons said that Gary Dunlop, had been driving the vehicle on the date in question. However, Mr Dunlop, who worked for Lyons’ for less than a week in May 2013(quit the job after just six days when he struggled to make enough money), was working for Weymouth and Portland Borough Council on the date in question and told the court he only ever drove a Toyota Avensis while working at Streetcars.

Mr Dunlop told the court that after leaving Streetcars he owed Lyons money, due to the cost of getting Mr Dunlop insured to drive the cars, and said his former boss had threatened to ‘break his legs’ and ‘burn his house down’ if he did not pay him money back.

Defending, Timothy Shorter, argued that the only thing Lyons was guilty of was stupidity and carelessness.

It took jurors just over an hour to reach a guilty verdict.Lyons will appear at Bournemouth Crown Court for sentencing on Friday, November 7.

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