Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Law Abiding Motorists Caught Out By Fake Road Sign

 Some law abiding motorists have reportedly been prosecuted after false 40mph signs were erected on a 30mph road near Rotherham for three days before the local council removed them. They appeared so genuine, even a driving instructor was among those who fell foul of them.

The Association of British Drivers has described the prosecutions as ‘outrageous’ and is calling upon the local police force to cancel the penalties.

Brian Macdowall ABD director said “It is outrageous that drivers should be penalised for speeding when they were obeying what they thought was the speed limit, There is a legal requirement on highway authorities to ensure that the correct signs are displayed… the police should also check that a speed limit is correctly signed before starting any enforcement activity. They clearly failed to do so in this case. If these penalties are not revoked it means that even the most law-abiding drivers risk that speed limit signs that cannot be trusted.”

Police told the Telegraph that they couldn’t confirm how many drivers had been prosecuted because of the fake road signs. “Nobody knows where [the signs] came from, The initial indication we have had is… somebody has clearly done it as a joke.” Not so funny for the motorists facing prosecution


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