Saturday, 18 October 2014

New Use for Tax Disc Holder - Really Quite Clever!

Wondering what you were going to do with your tax disc holder now that car tax is going paperless?

You were just going to rip it off and chuck it in the bin STOP!

Or at least read this first and see what you think....

PC Dave Wise and colleagues, based in Malvern, Worcestershire have dreamt up a new use for the licence disc holders that every car carries on its windscreen - one which could save lives.

They have come up with an emergency contact information and medical alert card.
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PC Wise said: "This is a really useful replacement for your tax disc. if a driver is involved in a collision or has a medical emergency whilst at the wheel, a first responder will have easy access to vital medical information and we can quickly contact next of kin. The way the disc folds in on itself means all the information is kept private until needed by emergency services personnel."

They have even created the template for you to print, cut out and fill in, which is available either via their Twitter account @MalvernCops or you can download and print the form here: ECDiscUpdate.pdf

"We will be linking in with local ambulance and fire commanders to make them aware of this initiative so they can be on the lookout for these emergency contact discs," said PC Wise.

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