Monday, 16 June 2014

South Gloucestershire Council to Sell Safety Cameras to Police

From reading a BBC news post from this month it would appear that South Gloucestershire police are planning to purchase 23 Unused speed cameras for a "nominal sum". The cameras in question have been turned off since March 2011 after the safety camera partnership was disbanded.

At a planning and transport committee meeting, councillors voted to transfer them to the police as which will allow them to be operated at no cost to the authority.

South Gloucestershire Council currently owns:

  • eight digital speed cameras
  • three digital red light cameras
  • five film speed camera installations
  • seven film red light camera

these are considered by the council as no longer cost-effective to run.

Since back in December 2013 chief constable of Avon and Somerset Constabulary offered to buy any digital speed or red light cameras from local councils unwilling to operate them for £1 each we are guessing that it really is a small amount that the cameras have been purchased for

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Sources: BBC

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