Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Plans to Raise Maximum Speeding Fine to £10,000

There is a Fourfold increase coming in maximum amount magistrates can fine speeding motorists. It could see someone speeding on a motorway being fined up to £10,000. Currently the maximum is  £2,500.  It is the first increase since 1991.

The new guidelines look like this

Under the proposed changes the maximums in each category will increase as follows:
From To Examples
Level 1 £200 £800 Includes unauthorised cycle racing on public ways.
Level 2 £500 £2,000 Includes driving a motor cycle without a protective helmet.
Level 3 £1,000 £4,000 Includes the sale of alcohol to a drunk person or being drunk and disorderly in a public place.
Level 4 £2,500 £10,000 Includes speeding on the motorway

Within the guidelines it is stated that Drivers caught using a mobile phone behind the wheel will face a £4,000 fine. $4000 makes you think doesnt it?!

The end of last year saw the total for fines collected reaching al all time high of £284, of course with these new guidelines that figure is set to rise at the end of this year.


Read the full story here about the fines rising to £10,000 on our site

Sources: Guardian, itv

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