Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Parrots are not Authorised to Supervise Learner Drivers

Hi guys, this one actually happened a while ago but its just so great we had to tell you about it even though its not in a timely nature, in fact it happened all the way back in January 2014

Basically West Yorkshire police pulled over a 50 year old lady learner driver on a motorway (learners not allowed on motorways) BUT that's not all...... There was no one else in the car apart from a parrot in the front seat (presumably conducting the driving lesson!)

Best bit of all the West Yorkshire police tweeted about it including the phrase "parrots are not authorized to supervise learner drivers"

Anyway to read the full story please visit our site  we have started your morning off right for you with this little snippet!!

Sources: Mirror & Telegraph

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