Friday, 20 June 2014

Average Speed A9 Cameras Already Curbing Drivers Before Switch On

One of Scotland's most notorious roads - the A9 has newly installed cameras that are not due to be switched on till October, however they are already helping to cut down on the number of speeding drivers. The number of motorists speeding on the Perth to Pitlochry stretch of the A9 has fallen from one in three to one in ten

The busy single carriageways statistics for fatal and serious road accidents are significantly higher than the national average. Installation of the cameras from Perth to Inverness began just last month, and the scheme is just one of a number of planned measures to improve safety on the main route connecting central Scotland with the Highlands by the A9 Safety Group. They are also trying to encourage safe overtaking on the route and improve driver awareness of speed limits.

Mike Burns, who is a spokesman for campaign group A9 Average Speed Cameras Are Not the Answer, said: "The SNP and Transport Scotland are deluding themselves that slowing down a road is a solution to resolving frustration and preventing overtaking where overtaking is the root cause of over 50% accidents.”

A petition calling for the average-speed camera scheme to be scrapped was recently dropped by the public petitions committee. The Scottish Government group decided nothing more could be done as the cameras are already in place.

The Scottish Government plans to create 80 miles of dual carriageway between Perth and Inverness by 2025.

Sources: STV News

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