Monday, 8 May 2017

Learner driver test interrupted by police over instructor's car

West Midlands Police
A learner driver had not made any minor faults in her test and was on course to pass - until the instructor's uninsured car was stopped by police.

The learner and examiner were pulled over during the driving test in east Birmingham, on Saturday.

West Midlands Police then checked the car and found it also had no MoT. They later seized the car.

The force's road policing unit said the student would have passed the test had it not been interrupted, as no mistakes had been recorded.

The driving examiner and student were taken back to the test centre, where the driving instructor was questioned by police.
The Instructor a 46 year old female admitted knowing the car was not insured but denied knowing the car had no MoT, said police.

Police seized the car and took the driving instructor's badge. She was reported to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVLA) and will need to provide valid insurance and MoT documents to police at a later date.

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