Monday, 15 May 2017

If Your Licence Plate Is Dirty You Can Be Fined £1000

Did you know that if your licence plate is too dirty to be read, you could get a fine of £1,000 as it's considered a driving offence.

A DVLA spokesman told The Sun: "There is a specific offence under the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994 of obscuring or allowing a registration mark to be not easily distinguishable."

All registration numbers must be displayed clearly and correctly on the number plate - this helps enforcement agencies and members of the public to correctly identify a vehicle to assist road safety and traffic enforcement.

If police person spots a car with an obscured licence plate you could be hit with a £50 fine immediately and then taken to court and further fined another £1,000. Quite a bit more than a car wash or taking the effort to get the bucket out at home!

Other things that are illegal but you might not realise!

using an Apple Watch while you're driving is the same as using a mobile phone (because you can make calls and check messages). It could put you in prison for up to two years! (same penalties as for using a hand-held mobile phone).

Everyone of course knows that if they want to answer a call on their phone and don't have hands-free then they have to pull over. However did you know if you don't turn off the engine while on the phone, you can still get charged!

Also other things that you need your hands for that you might be tempted to do whilst stuck in traffic including the following carry a fine of £100 and three points! this is because potentially they cause a distraction to the driver, and could be categorised as "careless driving".
  • Putting on lipstick in the mirror 
  • Eating
  • Drinking water (or similar)
  • Taking a hand off the wheel to pet your dog
  • Handing something to a child in the back


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