Friday, 17 April 2015

DVLA car clampings and £800 fines soar because motorists don't know about rule changes

Thousands of motorists have been fined or had their cars towed away after falling foul of new rules following the switch to digital tax discs.

Many are buying used cars unaware that the old paper documents are now automatically cancelled when a vehicle changes hands.

Ignorant that they must fork out for a new digital one – even if the existing paper disc is months from expiry – rising numbers of drivers are falling prey to clampers.

Critics allege that the DVLA has been operating a 'money-making scam' after figures yesterday showed clamping soared after the paperless system was introduced in October last year.

Many say the authority was too quick to penalise motorists without first warning that their car was not taxed. Drivers have faced bills of up to £800 to get their impounded vehicles back.

The DVLA was accused of 'heavy-handed and Draconian' behaviour yesterday after figures showed its use of clamping rocketed by 60 per cent from about 5,000 vehicles a month before the changes to 8,630 last month.

With no right to appeal against the fines to an independent body, drivers have little choice but to pay up. 

The DVLA is estimated to be making millions of pounds a year because it receives double road tax payment – from both the seller and the buyer.

A DVLA spokesman said: 'The changes have been widely publicised and we write to every vehicle keeper to remind them of the new rules before the vehicle tax expires.

'We also write to every new vehicle keeper when they buy a used vehicle to inform them that they must tax the vehicle before they use it. 

'In addition, if a driver does not tax their car we will send a warning letter to remind them to tax as they are at risk of enforcement action.'

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