Sunday, 16 November 2014

Man Accused of Speeding in Porsche Walks Free From Court After Error by Crown Prosecution Service

After being accused of speeding in a Porsche Cayman on January 4 this year, Michael John Dougan from Cheltenham walked free from court following a paperwork error by the Crown Prosecution Service.

On April 9 Mr Dougan denied breaking the 70mph limit in a Porsche Cayman at Dartley Bottom, near Daglingworth but he did not stand trial because the prosecution was forced to offer no evidence, after magistrates refused its request for an adjournment.

Graham Dono, prosecuting,  said it was not possible to call the witness, a camera offense progression officer, because she was not at work on the day of the trial.

A CPS spokesperson said after the case: “We acknowledge that on this occasion our handling of the case fell below the standards required by the court. We will be looking closely at the process to ensure that lessons are learned where appropriate.”

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