Friday, 9 August 2019

Night-vision drones helping catch dangerous drivers in London

DronePolice in London have launched a ground-breaking new trial that uses drones to catch speeding drivers.

Officers claim the millitary grade drones that have night-vision capability, are able to catch dangerous drivers along some of the capital’s busiest routes.

According to Scotland Yard, the Metropolitan Police have been using drone technology in London skies from July – the first initiative of its kind in the UK.

The drone that cost a massive £80,000 is being used on major routes where speeding offences are more common, It has a top speed of 30mph and can follow cars for up to 50 minutes..

Police say the drone, which can work at both higher and lower altitudes, is being used to identify only those travelling at dangerously high speeds. The drone footage is then passed to officers on the ground, who will pull over the offending motorists and issue a penalty.

If the scheme proves successful, it could be rolled out along more of the capital’s roads, as well as across other regions of the country.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Detective Superintendent Andy Cox, head of the Met’s roads and traffic policing unit said the drones will deter dangerous driving through “intense enforcement.”
“This is one of many enforcement tactics being used,” he added. “We hope the message of ‘drive lawfully, stay safe and keep a clean licence’ is widely understood.”

He added: “Deterrence is sometimes best achieved through intense enforcement and that’s what this capability enables. The focus will be on dangerous drivers who are racing and those putting their lives and other people at risk.”

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