Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Ban plug-in hybrids from EV charging bays

In a report written for the RAC Foundation, Plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) should be banned from using electric vehicle (EV) charging bays, freeing them up for use by ‘pure’ EVs.

This is because the charging rates differ so greatly, for example it would take the vehicles this long to charge for a 15 mile distance.

  • EV = 5 mins
  • PHEV = 1 hour

EV charging infrastructure expert Harold Dermott argues that – until PHEVs “have both a greater electric-only range and can accept electricity at faster rate” – they should be banned from using charging bays at motorway services areas.

Mr Dermott expresses concern that if PHEVs continue to block EVs from using rapid charging bays, the charge points will “never be available for their essential purpose of charging BEVs [battery electric vehicles]” and the income of network operators will “collapse”.


Source Auto Express

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