Monday, 27 March 2017

Police catch driver doing 108mph on the A38

Police caught a driver speeding at 108mph on the busy A38 (limit is 70mph) during a weekend road safety campaign.

Four other drivers were caught topping 100mph and a total of 109 people were caught breaking the law on Devon roads during the campaign they named Operation No Excuse.

The  'fatal five' driving misdemeanours that drivers were caught doing were as follows
  • 25 for using a phone at the wheel
  • 25 for not wearing a seatbelt
  • 53 for speeding
  • 4 for careless driving
  • 2 arrests for drug driving.
additionally 23 were reported or cautioned for less serious offences including driving without insurance or a licence; not having a valid MOT; and running a red light.
One driver was stopped for careless driving in the city centre and given a Section 59 warning, meaning his vehicle will be seized if he commits another similar offence.

A taxi in a "dangerous condition" was removed from the road and had its licence suspended.

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