Thursday, 5 May 2016

Helpful motorist parks up behind police van and opens boot to BLOCK its speed camera

Mobile speed cameras have long infuriated drivers, popping up sneakily and catching out drivers going a few miles too fast.    

One man was so fed up of living in fear of a huge fine that he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Upon seeing one such mobile camera Kristian Portugal, from Hemel Hempstead, rolled his sports car right up behind a police van and opened his boot to block the radar inside so it couldn't scan the speed of passing cars.

He then got out of the car and went for a pint in The Crabtree - his local across the road in Hemel Hempstead.

A worker at the pub said the mobile van is always outside. 

The incident was spotted by one keen-eyed observer, who posted a picture on Imgur with the caption: 'Someone just parked in front of a speed camera, lifted his boot so nobody could get caught speeding. Then went to the pub across the road.'

According to traffic police, obstructing a speed camera may amount to obstructing the police and may also amount to perverting the course of justice, depending on circumstances. 

This image has spread widely across the internet gathering lots of comments. Peoples views on this mans actions have varied hugely, comments such as 'Someone buy that man a beer' at one end of the scale right the way down tto comments from some who were less impressed with his actions, claiming that speed cameras play an important safety role. 

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