Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Gadget that continually measuring your levels of awareness while driving

So we've come across this gem of a gadget called "StopSleep" it helps maintain awareness by alerting to the first signs of a drop in concentration brought on by the on-set of driver fatigue

It does this by continually measuring your levels of awareness and concentration via electrodermal activity. Your electrodermal activity, represents your brain activity, and by measuring this activity, StopSleep can accurately gauge your levels of awareness and concentration. As soon as your levels of concentration start to drop, StopSleep will alert you immediately via it's 2 stage alarm system.

Anyway you can read more about it on the site, we were thinking what a great thing especially for those that do shift work and drive long distances, jobs such as mobile sales persons, truck drivers, pilots, air hostesses might find it a useful or even as a "care of duty" product that fleet managers might be interested in

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