Sunday, 21 December 2014

Electronic Tag Catches Speeding Criminal

Convicted burglar Darren Girling, who denied a speeding charge was placed at the scene by his electronic tag that was part of bail conditions for previous offenses.

He was caught speeding twice and decided that he didn’t really need it adding to his burgeoning rap sheet of over 50 previous convictions for burglary and car theft.

He was caught doing 41mph on his Piaggio X9 scooter in a 30mph zone and decided to not to pursue his defence in court when compelling evidence, in the form of his exact location provided by his GPS tag, was presented.

He initially denied the charge by claiming that someone had cloned his scooter and carried out the offence on the A13 near Leigh.

An Essex Police spokesman said: "Police were able to confirm he was at the scene both times the cameras activated because he was wearing a Buddi tag as a result of a bail condition imposed by Basildon Crown Court."

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