Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Company Car Drivers More Likely to Exceed Motorway Speed Limit

According to an RAC survey, company car drivers are far more likely to exceed the 70mph motorway speed limit than private motorists.

The survey was based on responses from 1,526 British motorists.

Regularly exceed the limit
  • Company car drivers 88%
  • Private motorists 67%
Reached speeds of 80mph on motorways
  • Company car drivers 62%
  • Private motorists 32%
Hit 90mph or more on motorways
  • Company car drivers 8%
  • Private motorists 3%
When asked why they broke the speed limit, 31% of company car drivers said they were just following the general flow of traffic, while 19% put it down to the driving conditions being favorable. Meanwhile, 15% said 70mph felt too slow and 8% said that modern cars are built to go faster than the speed limit dictates.

As many as 65% of company car drivers felt it was perfectly acceptable to travel up to 80mph in a 70mph limit. As a result, some 90% say they would like to see the speed limit on motorways increased, compared with 69% of regular motorists.

RAC business services director David Aldridge said: "With the introduction of next generation 'smart motorways', where the hard-shoulder is open permanently or during busy periods, and variable speed limits enforced by verge-side speed cameras, there is a real danger that company car drivers may find themselves increasingly on the wrong side of the law and faced with growing numbers of points on their licence."


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