Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Should Driverless Cars be on Britain's Roads January Next Year?

The UK government has set out plans to allow driverless cars to hit public roads in Britain as soon as 2015, they have even gone as far as proposing a £10 million 'prize' for the town or city that signs up to guinea pig the scheme. Currently in the UK unmanned autos are only allowed on private roads

The States and Japan are already ahead in the driverless 'revolution' stakes and the UK government are keen to not be left behind. Vince Cable the Business Secretary is expected to announce that research and development plans iminently and January 2015 has been mooted as a start date for public testing.

Obviously the question of insurance is one of the main complications "Who takes responsibility in a driverless car crash?"
  • Car's Owners?
  • Passengers?
  • Vehicle Manufacturer?
  • Producer of the Navigation Program?
Always at the forefront though safety will be a concern for many of us, given that the technology is new and unfamiliar. I personally would find it strange having the control of the car taken away from me and im sure I will be hitting the " metaphorical passenger brake" will the cars even be laid out now that the passengers have no need to see the road or navigate? guess it would be cool to travel in a mobile "living room type situation"

Should driverless cars be allowed on Britain's public roads next year, what do YOU think?

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